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Welfare and Development

  • Personal Development

    What kind of life do you want to lead? Many have asked the question but never answered it. With Yutime, we offer a spectrum of courses that inspire you to find your own best way to live. From the study of traditional arts like music, singing, painting, calligraphy, to modern interests such as bakery, yoga, dancing, Yutime caters to your needs by offering various courses to set you on a path to fulfilling your dreams.

  • Competitive Sports

    We encourage healthy competition and self-improvement. How can we explore our potential during our lifetime? Sports are one way to enjoy personal breakthroughs. Yutime has built gyms and hired a team of professional trainers for daily sports activities and competitions. The company has basketball, ping-pong, and badminton leagues that have helped foster friendship both within and outside of the company. Swimming is most liked among Yutime employees because it strengthens the physique and betters one’s quality of life. Yutime regards sports as a way to discover as well as showcase one’s abilities. With Yutime you will reinvent yourself and create your own era.

  • Health Care

    Externally we provide safe energy, while internally we have set up and keep perfecting multi-level health-care packages for our employees on top of the basic medical security system. Yutime offers our employees substantial assistance including medical insurance, special medical subsidies, a medical security fund as well as the ‘Sunshine Fund’. Services such as 24-hour in-house emergency care and intercity appointments are provided to our employees and their families in an effort to improve local patient care by investment in hospitals. We strive to offer security and hope to cover as many people as possible.

  • Housing Benefits

    Yutime offers more than a job opportunity it offers a commitment to mutual growth. Besides a competitive salary package and insurance, our employees enjoy generous housing and children’s education benefits. After joining our team your family will feel supported and be able to realize its dreams.