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Creative Office Complex

Bidding for the facade design of the front office complex area was initiated in May of 2017. It included the facade design of the eight main buildings. The purpose of the bid was to create international level work, training and accommodation spaces at the Liaoning petrochemical plant. Eventually the design by Japanese architect Satoshi Maeda and LBY Construction Decoration Engineering CO., Ltd stood out from other bidders.

Satoshi Maeda is experienced in the design and execution of green architectural projects. The Desert Lotus Hotel in Xiangshawan Desert was personally designed by him. Foreign media described it as ‘the most anticipated resort project of 2016’. For our project, Satoshi Maeda combined the concept of a ‘dragon roaring in the sky’ with the layout of the plant, where he used geometric elements to form arrays and metal and water to reflect the sky. The impact of the interaction between humans and the environment was also taken into account. Other than the front area of the plant, he will also undertake the general design of the Shenyang office and Yutime’s Tai’an Hotel. The Tai’an Hotel will not only serve the company’s internal needs but also be somewhat of a local landmark.

The front area of the plant is estimated to be brought into service in May of 2018, when the office complex will be open for visitors as a local demonstrative enterprise.