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International Presence

We have established Yutime (America) Inc. and Yutime Petroleum (America) Inc. in the Americas headquartered in Williams Tower, Houston, lying in the fourth biggest Galleria complex in the US. The companies are currently involved in international trade, investment, mergers and acquisition, real estate as well as business development in oil and gas discovery and refining&chemical integration. With regards to international trade, Yutime takes advantage of Houston being the energy capital focusing on the import and export of chemical products. As for investment and M&A, Yutime has conducted profound investigation into the mining of oil and gas deposits and refining-chemical integration, reaching out to upstream segments via investment, integration and acquisition. When it comes to real estate and using Houston as a gateway, Yutime aims to lend our commercial property management expertise to local projects. A landmark-centered market strategy will be implemented to promote high-end apartments and shopping centers across the North America. Moving forward, in a wider alliance based on fuel and raw materials coupled with ancillary business interests, Yutime will build a win-win business relationship with our international partners.