In our time on this planet,
us humans have always strived for more.

To fly higher, move faster, live longer.
Our relentless progress brought us far, down to the bottom of the ocean and all the way up to the surface of the moon.

To forge ahead, to want more – that,
for us, is business as usual.

Yet today the unparalleled growth of our society is tainted by its earth-shattering consequences.

Today, we look at the future only to see fast-paced climate change, pollution and lack of resources.

Today, the burden of human impact on our world is one we cannot afford to ignore. Not when harvests are lost, when millions are displaced by rising seas and we are poisoned by the air we breathe.

Today, this world is our business.

Every single one of us has the obligation to make it better, to make concrete efforts to rethink our growth so it can continue far into the future. For us, the ones close to us and the generations to come.

Companies too are called to share the weight of changing the world – to work for all, not just for themselves.

At Yutime, we are doing just this, working single-mindedly towards one goal: Power the world for good.

This might sound like an impossibly large task to undertake. But we believe each person or company, no matter its power or size, can make an impact and transform the world – at every scale. The stride starts from the individual, from the small everyday filled with big ideas, where even trivial actions can start making a difference.

At Yutime, we chose to lead this change, to go beyond market value and fully embrace our responsibility to do good for our planet, to guarantee the world can continue to thrive, today and in the future.

We want to stay true to our challenging pledge: To power the world for good.

Yet this commitment requires courage, a clear vision and sense of purpose.
We have the courage to embrace change as our plan, to navigate the market in search of new industries to disrupt, working to make them better and more sustainable for all.

We have a vision, the will to create our own path to power the world. Through innovation and technology, we protect our environment and rise to become pioneers in every sector we enter.

We are purposeful, and keep focused on our goals. If we do, others will follow.

So we remain open, always searching for new ventures, ideas and tangible solutions, welcoming anyone who would like to join forces to build a better world; to secure a future for our planet.

To power the world, for good.