Safety first

We believe health and safety are the cornerstones of business. We take responsibility for proactively creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment, protecting employees and communities, and achieving continuous performance improvement.

Everyone counts

Success is only success if it is shared by everyone.
Business success lies in working together as one.
We build an environment for respect and inclusion, focusing on personal growth.
No one is perfect but one team can be.

Good is not good enough

We always strive to exceed expectations in everything we do.
We create smart, reliable and quality solutions, then strive to make them better.
We continually invest in technology, expertise and our staff as we look for better ways to do things for our customers,
our partners and the world we live in.

Plan for change

We believe great success comes from anticipating change.
We stay agile, explore new opportunities and optimistically embrace change, as well as creating it.

Act on our word

In Yutime we believe ethical conduct makes great business.
We create impact with integrity, are authentic in what we say and what we do, earning the trust of others.

Planet in our heart

The earth is our supplier, our partner, our reason-to-be. It sustains us all.
We invest in environmental, social and human needs, always looking for sustainable solutions that can power the world for good, ensuring the next generations can thrive on a better planet.