Yutime Petroleum Company Ltd. is a comprehensive multinational energy group. Our goal is to lead the global effort to innovate and transform the energy sector in a more sustainable way. To achieve it, we introduce new technologies and new standards to guide us as we build a moderately diversified, integrated oil and gas multinational energy group, able to provide society with highly-efficient, safe and clean energy and raw-material solutions.


Headquartered in the United States’ chief oil and gas industry center of Houston (Texas), Yutime America engages in international trade, oil and gas exploration, refining-petrochemical integration, investment and mergers, real estate and new technology research and acquisition. From its offices, it actively explores the world’s latest innovative technologies and their applications in the energy sector. Taking advantage of Houston’s privileged position as the U.S. largest natural gas hub and energy market hotspot, it focuses on the import and export of petrochemical feedstock and products, as well as participating in all international trade segments in oil and gas to secure the supply of raw materials for Yutime’s chemical and new materials businesses.


With huge opportunities opening up in the Chinese petrochemical market, Yutime has established Yutime Petroleum Company Ltd. in China, with a deep-rooted strategic layout in the midstream and downstream sectors. Relying on its ability to leverage global resources and on leading technology applications, Yutime is committed to providing the Chinese market with products and services that fit the highest global standards. In China, Yutime runs diverse projects that include refining-petrochemical integration, energy cogeneration and an integrated logistics services platform. Meanwhile, Yutime actively works to update the means of production, the quality and efficiency of the industry as a whole. Its ethane-to-ethylene project, hosted in a truly smart petrochemical plant, incarnates this commitment with its potential to radically change the modes of plant construction and operation in the downstream oil and gas sector as well as in the chemical sector, bringing about a true digital transformation of the industry. Yutime is also leveraging world-class branding and operations models to improve consumer experience, using market-oriented approaches in the management of its terminal services, and bringing Chinese consumers a brand-new refueling experience at its smart service stations. In the future, Yutime will continue to uphold the ideal of sustainable development and to look for partners in the vast Chinese energy market who seek to cooperate in production, trade, technology, management and other fields.


Cleaner Energy

Yutime is committed to providing clean energy to its clients and society at large. By reducing the output of byproducts, exhaust gases and wastewater, we use energy more efficiently and reduce the impact of industrial activities on the environment and on communities.


In the production, transportation, handling and storage of energy products we make risk prevention our top priority. We prepare extensively for all eventualities so we can always take appropriate action if needed.


We implement efficient solutions that significantly reduce energy costs and the consumption of natural resources, and we’ll continue to optimize energy use and to improve efficiency in all our practices.