Yutime believes that treating every employee well will create a better working atmosphere. Incentives for employees include a very competitive salary system and employee benefits to ensure that the best talent from every field can realize their ambitions and make a real difference at Yutime.


We value every employee's contribution to Yutime, so we offer competitive compensation that enables all employees to share in the success of the business. As well as the basic salary, our salary packages also include holiday care, sick pay and other regular compensation. On top of this, employees who make outstanding contributions to the company will also receive equity, options, long-term incentives and other bonuses and allowances.


At Yutime, our staff members are our greatest resource. So, as well as money, we also support them with comprehensive welfare plans that include legal five insurances, paid holidays, medical insurance and pension plans. As well as this, life-long learning and development opportunities, and a safe and secure work environment allow every Yutime employee to enjoy the best treatment and meet the needs of their different stage of life.