Yutime provides various forms of future-based learning and development planning for all employees to accelerate their growth, facilitate their personal career development, and achieve their long-term competitive advantages and continuous success. In light of our outstanding performance in career development, Yutime was awarded the Best Employer Award in 2018 China Human Resources Industry and the 2018 HR Fashion Award.


Talent is the most valuable and important asset of Yutime. Yutime University is an important booster of both our corporate and talent strategy – serving the implementation of organizational strategy, business transformation and development, as well as the career development of employees. Systematic and focused training is designed and delivered to constantly improve the ability of employees in key positions. This helps implement best practices, incubate talent and build a sustainable supply of future leaders for the business – allowing both employees and Yutime to develop much faster.


We also strive to attract and develop international talents through our systematic and effective training programs and methods. We respect the diversity of career development – guided by our career development strategy and training – and pay close attention to the results and effectiveness of this training.


Through a reliable career development system, as the company grows, so the employees do. Helping maintain a strong sense of pride and ownership and a real cohesiveness within the company, Yutime's detailed talent building plan, is supported by regular talent audits, long-term incentives projects and a grading system, so that every employee with ambition, dedication and sense of responsibility will have more opportunities to realize their personal and career development.