The “2.6 Million-Tons New and Raw Materials (Ethane) Deep Processing Project ” represents one of Yutime's most important future chemical business segments in China. It is located in the Jiangyin Port City Development Zone in Fuzhou (Fujian). It serves as the chemical materials area of Fujian Province’s “Two Bases and One Special Zone” Petrochemical Development Plan. Launched in 2018, the project is implemented by Minhua Group, a subsidiary of Yutime, and is expected to be in operation by 2023.


Project Expansion

To secure the best operativity of its ethylene project, Yutime, in cooperation with the local government and with the help of the Jiangyin Port City Development Zone, will invest in and build a series of supporting facilities, including a terminal, a port, a logistics park and more, and will also work with other enterprises active upstream and downstream to build a perfect chemical industry chain in the "Two Bases and One Special Zone" area. All with the aim of providing other businesses in the cluster with feedstock, lay solid foundations for the cluster integration and to boost future production of high-end fine chemicals. Yutime, thanks to its competitiveness and strategic advantage, will step into the role of trailblazer for a coordinated development of the various industries present in the industrial park.

A True Smart Plant

Complementing the production project, Yutime will leverage some of the most advanced global digital management practices to build a true smart petrochemical plant, able to display human-like discernment and adaptability in all phases from plant design to launch and operation. Based on 5G, AI and big-data technology, its technology and design have the potential to radically change the modes of construction and operation of the downstream oil and gas sector as well as of the chemical sector, bringing about a true digital transformation in the industry.


Minhua Co., Ltd.

Located in Fuzhou city, Fujian province, it has an annual output of 2 million tons of ethylene, which makes it one of the world's leading ethylene monomer project, and the largest in China.