Yutime always puts the safety of the environment, staff and the public first. We promise to produce energy and raw materials responsibly.


The safety of customers, employees, neighbors and the wider public is our highest priority. We operate on the principle of no incidents, no personal injury and no damages to the ecological environment. The production, storage and transportation of energy at Yutime are all in accordance with strict standards that are never compromised. This is backed up by a complete incident response plan, so that a team is in place to act immediately in the event of an incident. Safety experts are also ready to offer their expertise and assistance effectively through our emergency response network.


Unsustainable or non-environmentally friendly energy can cause irreversible damages to the health of people. We care for the health of the employees, consumers, and planet.
With public health such a high priority, Yutime naturally adheres to national to produce high-quality energy products using procedures that drive efficiency and reduce waste emissions – while still meeting the demands of the consumer.