At Yutime, we regard a flexible mindset, resourcefulness and adaptability as keys to success. Cultivating them, we are able to see new emerging opportunities and seize them to bring about change.

This is why we seek to improve our global business structure beyond our already established US-China operations in international trade, oil and gas exploration, the refining industry, investment, M&A and real estate. Using our ability to integrate resources on a global scale, we’ll continue to participate in the construction of upstream and downstream industrial chains, to deepen diversification and to strengthen global trade ties. In an ever-expanding scope of cooperation, Yutime looks forward to establishing win-win relationships with business partners worldwide.


Innovating The Energy Business

From the start, Yutime has put innovation in the energy business and sustainable development at the forefront. For this reason, we’ve started cooperating with world-leading teams to jointly explore opportunities in the biochemical industry, to bring new technologies and growth to the industry, influencing it on a larger scale to bring about true sustainable development.


Investment, Merger And Acquisition

In support of a balanced development of our energy business, Yutime has spent many years planning and developing new projects in both the upstream and downstream sectors. While integrating existing businesses and acquiring new ones, we are working with international partners in the US and Canada to build world-leading refining projects and develop oil, shale oil and shale-gas mining operations.


Yutime Petroleum (America) Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Houston, the first petroleum city in the United States, focusing on international trade, oil and gas exploration, refining integration, investment and acquisition and real estate.