Yutime attended the 2019 Summer Davos Forum


1st-3rd July, the 13th Annual Meeting of New Champions 2019 of the World Economic Forum (Summer Davos Forum) was successfully held in Dalian. During this period, more than 1900 fist-class politicians, businessmen and scholars from more than 120 countries have held around 200 seminars to discuss how Globalization 4.0 affects the development of companies, societies and countries, and how we should respond to it.

As a representative of the global innovative energy enterprises, the CEO of Yutime Group was also invited, together with global business leaders, institutional representatives and senior scholars, to participate in the annual meeting of the new champions. In this occasion he discussed about how China can promote the transformation of the energy industry both at a domestic and international level.

Yutime attended the 2019 Summer Davos Forum

Considered the background of Globalization 4.0, the accelerated integration of world resources and the strong rise of new technologies are bound to bring significant changes in global industries. As the basis of production and life, the energy industry’s transformation will have a profound impact on human life, layout of enterprises, trend of society, and even on the future of the Earth. According to the latest Fostering Effective Energy Transition report released by the World Economic Forum, the energy industry, which accounts for two-thirds of the global greenhouse gas emissions, has declined in the past five years in terms of security, affordability and environmental sustainability. Therefore, it is particularly important and urgent to ensure the sustainable development of energy through wider integration of global resources and more flexible application of new technologies.

Yutime is internationally recognized, due to the synergy and integration of the world energy resources, and the introduction and application of innovative technologies. This way, Yutime creates new opportunities for the advancement of the energy industry, leads its green transformation and sustainable development, both nationally and internationally. Yutime takes advantage of the dominant position of the industrial chain of Houston, Hong Kong and Mainland China, opens up oil and gas trade, warehousing, transportation and wharf construction, carries out international chemical projects, and boosts the global development of energy industry. At the same time, it has also gained the leading edge in the production and use of biomass for power generation, clean energy such as gasoline, diesel, ship and aviation fuel, and has become China’s number one group to participate in carbon discharge trading.

Yutime has always put in the first place the environmental impact of the energy industry and the sustainable development for the future of the Earth, participated in global cooperation, created influence on a larger scale, and together with leading personalities in various fields, brought the Earth long-term benefits - power the world for good.

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Starting from the refining and chemical business, we aim to build a comprehensive and comprehensive international energy company with integrated oil and gas, conform to the trend of global business cooperation, gain insight into the opportunities of energy transformation, and anchor international technological standards.