“New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” Conference held in Shenyang


13th November 2019, sponsored by Liaoning Oil Circulation Industry Association(LOCIA), and organized by Anlian Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yutime Petroleum Co., Ltd., the “New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” conference, together with LOCIA’s ceremony for the 70th anniversary of People’s Republic of China, have been held in Shenyang. Mr. Pan, President of LOCIA, Mr. Chen, President of Anlian Group Co., Ltd., Yutime Fuels Company related leaders, and nearly 300 industrial enterprises and experts in the field attended the conference.

“New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” Conference held in Shenyang

This conference, with the theme of “New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy”, praised the outstanding gas station enterprises and individuals from the Petroleum Circulation Association of our province, and gave the award of "trustworthy gas stations" to those brands with best reputation and public praise.

“New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” Conference held in Shenyang

In his speech, Mr. Pan stated that LOCIA bears important responsibilities and obligations for the healthy development of the oil circulation industry in Liaoning Province. The association mainly provides consultation, coordination, discipline and other services for oil refining, storage and logistics to more than 4000 gas stations and other oil enterprises in the province, and it also the consultant and assistant of the government.

He also added: “Liaoning is the second largest province in oil refining and oil products’ sales in China, and more than 60% of the government revenue comes from the oil field. The oil circulation industry is an important factor for the transformation of the oil value. Therefore, if the industry can develop in a healthy and orderly way, it will play a significant role in the economy construction of Liaoning. This commendation conference is the first one of the province in the oil circulation industry, and thus it has great significance and extensive value for the leading of the industry and the establishing of its image.”

“New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” Conference held in Shenyang

Mr. Chen, President of Anlian Group Co., Ltd., said in his speech: “as Yutime Petroleum’s important group company in Liaoning Province, Anlian Group's business covers refining and chemical integration, cogeneration, inland port, chemicals logistics and other fields. It is a comprehensive enterprise group with focus on the petrochemical industry, supporting both the upstream and downstream segments of the industrial chain. On the basis of upgrading the operation with 6.5 million tons of raw oil deep processing project, Yutime conducted broad investigations of the future global trend of the refining industry. IMO (International Maritime Organization) issued the 2020 new policy to comprehensively reduce the sulfur standard of marine fuel oil from 3.5% to 0.5%.

With a view to implement the brand mission and vision of "Power the World for Good", Yutime will actively respond to this environmental protection call, seize the market opportunities and adopt the world's leading technological solutions, in order to accelerate the set-up of marine fuel oil projects, focus on the leading of the petrochemical industry, drive the upstream and downstream industry chains, and comprehensively promote the healthy and stable development of the group company. In the future, we hope to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism with national and international partners in the petrochemical industry, to seek common development and to move forward hand in hand.”

“New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” Conference held in Shenyang

During the meeting, Mr. Jiang, Yutime Fuels Company COO, delivered a speech on the ecological future of Yutime Smart Service Station: “Yutime Smart Service Station will interconnect the service station and the vehicles with the use of advanced features such as powerful big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence capabilities. We will build an exclusive smart platform to connect with an advanced retail management system, achieve accurate customer marketing evaluations through big data analysis, and promote online and offline consumption integration. This will lead to a different and remarkable consumption process. At the same time, as the official designated energy supplier of F1 China Grand Prix, Yutime Smart Service Station will provide consumers with high-quality oil products.

Mr. Jiang shared an outlook on the six forces of the macro environment and the way to build the bilateral market. From the perspectives of upstream oil products, supply chain building, service station operation, technology empowerment, etc., he introduced comprehensive thinking and new solution finding methods in Yutime Fuels Group. He said that our society needs a new way of consolidation; we respect the traditions, but we still hope to create a new model, and welcome other experts to join us. In this time, the entrepreneurs and friends of gas stations need to unite to realize the breakthrough of the industry and the leap of the era.

“New Retail Innovation Trend for Energy” Conference held in Shenyang

Representatives of the participating gas station enterprises also expressed their opinion that in recent years, the international and domestic oil circulation industry has undergone profound changes. With the gradual integration of China's refined oil market with the international one, global oil brands such as Shell, BP, Total and others have also increased their business in China, where the market form is unusually fierce. After seeing Yutime Smart Service Station operation mode, everyone deeply agreed with it. The participants also hope to see a new leader in the industry, a leader who will bring them together, standardize the industrial operations, reshape the brand image of the gas stations, seek common development, help them improve the operational efficiency, and achieve win-win results for enterprises, consumers and the government.

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