Yutime’s first project in China, our refining-petrochemical integration project is located in Anshan city’s Tai’an Industrial Park (Liaoning). In tune with the recent developments within the petrochemical industry, it has led to the building of a green industrial cluster, its scope ranging from chemical refining to international trade, eco-friendly heating supply, logistics, warehousing and more. The project was launched in 2010, helmed by Yutime Liaoning Petrochemicals Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Anlian Group Company Ltd. The first phase of the project has already been completed, the second phase of construction is now underway.


Project Benefits

In response to the most recent global trends in the market, Yutime adopts the most advanced technologies in the world to set up a green petrochemicals value chain. In its first phase, the project processes 6.5 million tons of crude oil and 1.5 million tons of aromatics each year and has become one of the key petrochemical projects for Anshan prefecture and for Liaoning Province as a whole. The second phase of the project, which will expand the yearly processing capacity to 10 million tons, is currently in the phase of construction planning, and will introduce the production of clean fuels, ultra-low-Sulphur, MARPOL-standard fuels for ships and aviation fuels. Built with the most advanced production and pollution control technology available, it satisfies the highest international environmental protection standards. Waste emissions and byproducts are recycled and reused to produce high-quality energy supply and raw materials.


Future Expansion

In order to support its refining project, Yutime has set up subsidiaries in Liaoning Province tasked with the planning and set-up of supporting functions such as an inland dry port, transportation of dangerous goods, energy cogeneration and other workstreams.

Logistics Services

Anlian Group’s subsidiary Yutime Liaoning Logistics Company Ltd. is a large-scale, modern third-party logistics company involved in customs services, warehousing, shipping, transportation of dangerous goods, general freight, the automotive aftermarket and in automotive integration.

For the transportation of dangerous petrochemicals, it devised the “Yutime Smart Logistics Monitoring Platform”, which deploys an IoT-based tanker truck control system, BDS-powered satellite control, visual monitoring and a smart alarm system in order to build an online management system covering all stages of transportation. Equipped with a visualized dispatch system for maximum transparency, our system greatly upgrades current standards of control in the transportation of dangerous goods and effectively established a new benchmark for the industry in Liaoning province.

Meanwhile, our inland dry port including railway, oil pipeline, integrated bonded area, international port and more is being built by Yutime in the south of Liaoning Province. After completion, the annual cargo transportation volume will exceed 30 million tons.


Heat And Power Cogeneration

Occupying 230,00sqm, Yutime’s cogeneration program plays an important role in the county’s heat and power grid development and for the supply of energy to the Tai’an economic development zone. It includes carbon graphite applications and waste-to-energy programs that abide to the most demanding environmental impact standards to achieve ultra-low emissions. Yutime has already completed the first phase of the project and estimates that its second phase, when operational, will be able to satisfy the entirety of the cluster’s current energy demand and bring about sizeable economic benefits to the Tai’an development zone.

Powered by Yutime’s global vision, in the future the refining-petrochemical integration project will continue to drive and strengthen the development of the local petrochemical industry chain, providing people with cleaner, environmentally friendly and high-quality products.


Anlian Group Co., Ltd.

The project is based in the Tai'an economic development zone, Anlian city, Liaoning province, and implemented by Liaoning Yutime Petrolchemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Anlian Group.