Our energy.
Your moment.

All our undertakings – to achieve sustainable production and consumption of energy; to maintain the virtuous cycle of the earth's ecosystem; the creation of cleaner electricity; our support for a greener development of society; as well as the production of more efficient fuels that provide us the power and freedom to move – They all stem from Yutime’s vision: Power the world for good.

Now, the dawn of the 5G era is giving the gas station business new opportunities to achieve added value, safety control, an improved experience and service in ways it could not envision before. Yutime’s smart service stations are aiming at bringing a unique refueling experience to customers with the use of big data, cloud computing and by building an all-around smart service environment.


Yutime has been producing essential chemicals and fuels in our state-of-the-art refinery equipped with cutting-edge machinery, emission control and water treatment technologies. There, we craft gasoline and diesel that fit the latest, strictest environmental standards while ensuring a high-quality performance on the road.


Yutime always puts safety front and center. Technology now empowers us to reach a whole new set of standards in system safety, health and environment protection in our stations to reach an ambitious ‘zero incidents’ goal. Video-tracking and IOT technology allow for real-time monitoring and reporting of unsafe practices or appliances, allowing us to deal with even the best-hidden threats and thus ensure the safety of the staff, the property and the neighboring communities.


In the near future, Yutime is looking forward to using its service station platform for cross-branding collaborations with multiple high-end businesses. Within the stations, we want to create a variety of service offerings including 24-hour unmanned stores, organic farming experience areas and more. Through collaborations both online and offline, we want to engage consumers with a unique all-around experience that brings them benefits and convenience.


Yutime smart stations bridge the gap between physical infrastructure, people and cars. By harnessing the power of big data and cloud computing, we build a digital management platform that helps realize a whole new type of interaction with the consumer and build integrated online/offline marketing spaces. The result is an innovative and exciting consumer journey.